Education Committee


The Education Committee (EduCom) is in charge of coordinating the training and certification programme. It aims at overseeing the quality of the training and certification process and it helps developing training programs as heat pump technology continues to develop. The aim is EU-wide mutual acceptance. It also supports national certification systems. The latest development is the set-up of an E-learning platform.

The Chair - Morgan Willis

Willis is working for the Swedish Heat Pump Association (SVEP) and in his role as Chair he will take a leading role in the management and development of the EUCERT programme. In the forthcoming two years, he will be assisted by the newly elected vice-Chair Svenn Hansen (Danish Technological Institute).

The Vice-Chair - Rolf Iver Mytting Hagemoen

Rolf Iver Mytting Hagemoen


Tel: 08-52227501


Who can attend?

Members of the EduCom are the national coordinators


2-3 times a year