Large Heat Pumps in Europe: Hamburg’s energy efficient office building

Jan. 09, 2018 | Waste heat from the computing centre is transferred to heat up a 13-floor building

In Hamburg, two modern heat pumps were installed and put into operation in the head office of Vattenfall Europe AG. The system uses waste heat of the in-house IT server rooms and computer centres. Heat transfer can cover 50% of the total basic thermal load of the 13-floor building of 50 000 m2.

This project reduces the negative impact on the environment by saving more than 600 tons of C02 per year. The temperature of waste heat is risen up to 45°C. It is then fed into the heating system by two highly efficient water-water heat pumps supplied by Ochsner. Each heat pump has a heating capacity of 360 kW. Turbo compressors with magnetic bearings minimize friction loss and thus oil lubrification is no longer necessary. An intelligent control technology continuously adapts the performance of the machines on the cold and the warm side to the respective demand. Approximately 8 kWh of thermal energy (heat and cold) are produced for each electrical kWh. This corresponds to a coefficient of performance (energy multiplier) of 8.

The installation into the existing application was carried out during the regular business. Finally, the sound insulation had to meet high requirements because the offices are located directly above the system.

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