Clean Energy Package for all Europeans

May. 04, 2017 | EHPA position paper

EHPA's integrated position paper on the "Clean Energy for all Europeans" package is now available.

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EHPA believes that the ''package'' is a good tool to deliver on EU's Climate and energy objectives in an integrated way. On heating and cooling dimension, here are EHPA's key messages:

  • The vision of a 100% decarbonised heating and cooling sector by 2050 needs to be enshrined in EU legislation.
  • The energy market must be designed to accelerate the use of "2050-ready" thermal solutions.
  • The "fuel switch" towards the use of renewable energy and waste heat must be accelerated.
  • Efficient and renewable-based electrification of the heating/cooling sector must be promoted.
  • Building-related policies must accelerate the use of "2050-ready" thermal solutions including in renovation.
  • Energy policies must contribute to the awareness-raising on and the promotion of "2050-ready" thermal solutions. 


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