Invitation to lunch debate: Human Dimension of Energy Efficiency in Buildings vol.2

Sep. 12, 2016

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to our lunch debate hosted by Dr. Peter Liese, MEP of the EPP group on 29 September at the European Parliament and organised by eu.bac and EHPA.

If vol. 1 focused on the purchasing decisions (find more details here), now we shall look at triggering behaviour change of people indoors during the operation phase of buildings, so that high energy performance buildings actually deliver their promises in real life and at the same time ensuring people's satisfaction with their comfort, well-being and productivity. We shall go together through the current policy framework, recent research and practical examples for both residential and non-residential buildings.

 Book your place by registering now! In case you don't have an European Parliament access badge please fill in all fields of the registration form (i.e. also birth date, nationality, type of ID card, No ID card). 

RSVP before 21st September.

Click here for downloading the agenda of our lunch debate.


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