Consumers pushed away from the ‘hottest' decarbonisation challenge

Jul. 06, 2016 | EHPA Quote on today's EP vote on energy label

Thomas Nowak, Secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association, comments: ‘Europe’s greatest decarbonisation challenge lays ahead of us. It will be impossible to achieve it without addressing the heating and cooling sector. Since you keep your heating system between 15-25 years, the transition needs to happen without delay if you wish to achieve COP21 compliant emission reduction!

It is unfortunate that the European Parliament did not approve core amendments on the comparability of products providing the same service - heating, cooling and hot water - to the consumer. The agreed proposal for a new label with one or two empty top classes removes also an incentive for the consumer to invest in the best available technologies to decarbonise heat. We now have to work with the Council to strengthen the guiding function of the energy label for the benefit of the consumers and the environment.'

View or download here EHPA's position paper on the Energy Label Directive

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