Solar and Storage: Regulatory adjustments needed to unlock huge potential

Apr. 04, 2016 | A joint position paper from EHPA, SolarPower Europe and Eurobat

Solar and storage are mutually reinforcing and provide new opportunities for European consumers as well as for the grid. To unlock this potential, SolarPower Europe, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT) presented today joint proposals in a new policy paper on Solar and Storage (click to view)

Alexandre Roesch, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe said: “Storage allows for households to consume more of the solar power they produce. But solar and storage together also provide wider system benefits as storage technologies allow for the best use of cheap solar electricity when it is available.

“Storage acts as a bridging technology between the electricity, heating and cooling as well as transport sectors and can therefore play a key role in decarbonizing our society when combined with renewables” added Thomas Nowak, Secretary-General of EHPA.

Alfons Westgeest, Executive Director of EUROBAT commented “We need regulatory adjustments to unleash what is set to become the next energy frontier. A clear EU wide definition of storage and a proper framework for self-generation and consumption should be developed without delay”.