EHPA's quote on Heating & Cooling Strategy

Feb. 16, 2016 | by Thomas Nowak, Secretary General, EHPA

'Congratulations to the Commission for the amount of work that was put into this strategy. The wording of the document fits Europe’s ambition to be leading in renewables. Executing it can make the EU a role model for a decarbonised heating and cooling sector. The request to replace fossil fuel boilers by highly efficient and renewable solutions (such as heat pumps and hybrid systems) is an important message to the industry and should help guide investment and R&I funding decisions.’ 

EHPA has co-signed the joint call of all renewable heating&cooling associations and representatives of local authorities. To view click here. 

EHPA is also signatory of the 8 Key recommendations from EU Stakeholders. To view click here. 

View the EC Heating & Cooling Strategy


For more information contact: 

Oliver JUNG, EHPA Policy Officer