Heat Pump Keymark; ready for applications

Jan. 19, 2016 | Press release

After 9 months of development, the heat pump KEYMARK has officially been added to the list of CEN certification schemes. Interested heat pump manufactures can apply for the KEYMARK immediately and benefit from preferred conditions in 2016.  

The pre-scheme development group finished its work in early december 2015 and applied for official recognition of the heat pump KEYMARK with the CEN KEYMARK management. After a thorough document check CEN officially confirmed the conformity of the scheme rules with the rules and regulations of the KEYMARK.

Thus, the HEATPUMP KEYMARK has officially been added to the range of products that can be KEYMARK certified.

Martin Forsén, president of the European Heat Pump Association and participant of the scheme development group: "It was a lot of work and we had many long discussions in order to align opinion between industry and certification bodies, but now that the target has been reached, we look forward to using a single certificate across Europe. We call on governments to align their requirements for heat pumps in a single European market and use the KEYMARK as proof of highest quality." Tested and certified once, accepted everywhere!

Heat pumps provide efficient solutions to meet Europe's climate and energy targets and more broadly all the goals outlined in the European Energy Union initiative.

The KEYMARK complements the recently introduced energy label: While every manufacturer and importer of heat pumps has to fulfil the requirements of CE marking, those opting for the heat-pump KEYMARK go one step further by choosing a voluntary third party check of product quality.  

Products bearing the heat-pump KEYMARK show to end-users that they have been tested by recognized third party testing laboratories according to European standards and fulfil the requirements of the scheme. The requirements of the new heat-pump KEYMARK include:

  •  a set of performance test requirements carried out by third party tests based on EN 14511, EN 15879 and EN 16147
  • a product related Factory Production Control (FPC)
  • an initial inspection of the FPC
  • Regularly surveillance of the certified products and FPC


The KEYMARK has now officially been recognised by CEN. Empowerment of certification bodies is ongoing. First applicants are DIN CERTCO, BRE global and SP Cert, others are welcome to join.

A transition period will allow holders of existing certificates and quality labels under NF PAC, MCS or the EHPA quality label to use these documents for a fast track application. 

The final documents outlining the certification scheme can be found on the KEYMARK website: www.heatpumpkeymark.com 

Background information on the heat-pump KEYMARK

- heat pump KEYMARK website (to be updated soon) www.heatpumpkeymark.com

- general brochure: www.cen.eu/news/brochures/brochures/Keymark.pdf

- the solar KEYMARK: www.estif.org/solarkeymarknew/index.php

 - CEN internal rules and regulations:


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Contact details

Thomas Nowak, Secretary General, +32 (2) 400 10 17, thomas.nowak@ehpa.org

Sören Scholz, Head of Certification,  +49 (0)30 7562-1161, soeren.scholz@dincertco.de