Heat pumps for cold climates

Dec. 11, 2013 | News and views in the recently released issue of the Heat Pump Centre Newsletter

The market for heat pumps is growing. However, heat pump sales in some cold climate areas have been limited, especially air-source heat pumps (ASHPs). This is partly due to competition from other types of heating, but it is also due to the ASHPs’ loss of heating capacity and efficiency at low outdoor temperatures. If ASHP systems with better performance at low outdoor temperature would be available, this would lead to more widespread use of heat pumps in the cold areas that today mainly rely on fossil fuels for heating.

The topic of this issue of the HPC Newsletter is Heat pumps for cold climates. After a brief overview, you will find an article on how to deal with one of the inherent problems of ASHPs in cold climates: growth of frost crystals on heat exchangers. Also, we are given a description on an improved compressor for heat pump water heaters in cold climates. Other articles in this issue include the continuation of the review article on refrigeration charge reduction, and an overview of the European Heat Pump Summit Symposium. There is also a market report from South Korea.

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