Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps: “A growth engine for the HP market”

Sep. 17, 2013 | A series of articles by Delta-EE

Domestic hot water heat pumps (DHW HP) have been one of the key drivers of the European Heat Pump market in the last couple of years. In August 2013, Delta- EE published a report under its Heat Pump Research Service analyzing market drivers, future growth opportunities and market development for DHW HPs. This report is focused on residential applications.

A series of five articles that shed light on some highlights of the report has recently been published by Delta-EE. The articles are the following:

  • Energy Label & Ecodesign – 3 reasons why they will boost the Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Market
  • C02: The refrigerant of the future for domestic hot water heat pumps?
  • Chinese Manufacturers of Hot Water Heat Pumps – Rising Stars
  • Domestic hot water heat pumps: Breathing new life into aging oil boilers?
  • Domestic hot water heat pumps – An electrifying outlook!


For more information on the report please contact Lukas Bergman at or +44 (0) 131 625 3332.