The CEN heat pump KEYMARK is a full certificate supporting the quality of heat pumps in the European market.

It has been developed by the heat pump industry in 2015 but it is owned by CEN.

The scheme is open to all certification bodies in Europe.

Main characteristics

  • A single certificate open to all interested parties
  • Third party measurements using test points from Ecodesign (EU regulation 2013/813 and 2013/814)
  • Factory production control and check of quality managment
  • Transparent and strong to create trust in the market place
  • Mutually accepted by all participating certification bodies
  • no minimal requirements (indirectly, due to Ecodesign, minimum requirements will apply on eta s, noise)
  • Transition period for the different existing schemes: EHPA – Quality label, MCS in UK, NF-PAC in France