Eric Bataille


Eric Bataille joined « groupe Atlantic » in 1989 and has been acting since then as marketing Director  for heat pumps, air conditioners and ventilation. He actively contributed to its development by settling the business of air conditioners (from 1991), and hydronic residential heat pumps (from 2004) from scratch to dominant market positions.

Groupe Atlantic is a leading French company, manufacturer of HVAC products  with international activities both in sales and manufacturing and leading positions in various European countries (France, UK, Austria, Spain,…).

Mr. Bataille is in charge of public affairs for “groupe Atlantic” and is representing it in various organizations such as AFPAC (French heat pump association), EVIA (European association of industrials in ventilation), Uniclima (French syndicate of industrials in HVAC products), CETIAT (French national technical center for HVAC technics), …

Mr. Bataille started his career in 1981 and has graduated from the French business school “EM Normandy”

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