Partner search

EHPA can help you in facilitating your partner search to build a successful project consortium.

Who can use this service?

  • Partner searches can be uploaded only by EHPA members.
  • Non-members that wish to use this service can send a partner searches request to EHPA. The request should include a short description of the project proposal and of the partners . EHPA reserves the right to evaluate the proposal before sharing it with the its network.                  Non-members are invited to check out the benefits of joining EHPA

The full information of all partner searches will be only available to EHPA members registered on the website.

Submit you partner search (please log-in to have a look at this page)

Once you have completed the Partner Search form, your Partner Search will be published on our website and disseminated through our weekly wrap-up.

For any additional information please contact: 

Vincenzo Belletti